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.: Prem Deewani (2013) :: Bhojpuri Movie Mp3 Songs :.
 Prem Deewani (2013) Bhojpuri Movie Poster
Prem Deewani (2013)
Year : 2013.
Lyrics : Pyare Lal Yadav & Manoj Matalabi.
Music : Vijay Laxmi International.
Label : WAVE.
Singers : Rakesh Mishra, Indu Sonali, Pamela Jain, Khushboo Jain, Anand Mohan, Aslim Aarif, Varsha Tiwari & Others.
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01. Jabse Dekhani Dilwa Deewana Baa [MaaDJ.Com].mp3
Singer: Rakesh Mishra
Size: 3.43 MB Hits: 38210
02. Ayise Dekhayebu Ae Jharela Ta Logwa Dhela Fenki [MaaDJ.Com].mp3
Singer: Rakesh Mishra, Indu Sonali
Size: 3.58 MB Hits: 22191
03. Chadhali Jawani Hamaar Shola Bhayil Baa [MaaDJ.Com].mp3
Singer: Indu Sonali
Size: 3.41 MB Hits: 15272
04. Ek Ber Palat Ke Dekha Mausam Rangin Baa [MaaDJ.Com].mp3
Singer: Indu Sonali
Size: 3.51 MB Hits: 14235
05. Prem Deewani Main Prem Deewani [MaaDJ.Com].mp3
Singer: Pamela Jain
Size: 4.36 MB Hits: 30917
06. Raat Bhar Palang Pe Kacha Kach Hokhe Daa [MaaDJ.Com].mp3
Singer: Rakesh Mishra, Khushboo Jain
Size: 3.57 MB Hits: 19039
07. Jawaani Tohar Banal Raho [MaaDJ.Com].mp3
Singer: Anand Mohan, Indu Sonali
Size: 3.45 MB Hits: 12217
08. Butake Daiya Re Diya Baati [MaaDJ.Com].mp3
Singer: Indu Sonali
Size: 2.81 MB Hits: 14721
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